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2015 Events & WorkShops

Kloosterfair 2015  

DATE: zondag 21 juni

ADRESS: Werk aan het Spoel, Goilberdingerdijk 40, 4106 LC Culemborg

Jackalope Art & Craft Fair

DATE: saturday and sunday July 25th & 26th

ADRESS: exdo event center 1399 35th Street, Denver CO 80205

Workshops: Join it's a CYN, for a FREE introduction to e-textiles! Using conductive thread, LEDs, fabric and more, this hands-on workshop will explore the fun world of sewable electronics. Space is limited more information click here.

Loch Ness in their favorite woolly jumpers.

Loch Ness in their favorite woolly jumpers.

My Story

I always made things. In elementary school my artwork was hung in school hallways, city hall, etc. 

In high school, for money, I sewed and sewed and sewed; purses, blazers, commissioned work, etc, my customers were students and teachers.  I was the artist, maker, creator that everyone came to if  something was needed made, drawn, or built.

As a young adult, the analytical side of my brain took over.  I went to university for a BS in Computer Science which I funded by working full time as a metal machinist.

For me writing software is a craft; part art and part skill. Designing software blends creative and engineering skills. Nevertheless I never stopped creating artwork for myself and anyone that asked.

After years of working as a Software Engineer in the USA, UK, and Europe, it happened to me, I was laid-off. Oh my!

Life continued. It was the holidays and I spent it with my family. One of my brothers suggest I teach his twin sons to sew, like I taught him. We found an old blanket and made creatures. It was so much fun, I went home and continued creating original creatures as it's a CYN.


Merging bygone and new techniques, it's a CYN, uses reclaimed, rescued, and up-cycled materials to skillfully create  handcrafted characters. Each sculpture is planned, designed, and drawn from it's a CYN’s, unique patterns and 3d models. These one of a kind creations are an assemblage of textures and colors with embellishments that include found, timeless, and personally 3d printed features. The 3d printed elements are made from PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable and plant resources. 

it's a CYN, believes there is beauty in nonsense, with her desirable creations that awaken emotions, while evoking a sense of whimsy.


Digital Fabrication

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